help!!! is there such a thing as a 32/36 inch tv with built in dvd

    please can someone help me im looking to buy the cheapest plasma tv 36 inch (32 at a push) with a built in dvd player. it needs to be digital and a decent image. i no im pushing it but im looking at 400 max

    thanks already


    I seen 32 inch technikas in tesco for £299 the other day, leaves ya £100 to buy a dvd player.

    Original Poster Banned tht an ok brand

    sorry leaves ya £100, god my maths suck.

    Anyways I have a 40" technika not had a problem with it so far.

    Would be worth a look in your local Tesco Extra tho, as my tv was reduced to £399(I paid £499).

    I wasnt too worried about the name, mainly cos majority of the times these days your paying for the names anyways.

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    thnks chick...i wasnt gna say nethn but as u ur **** at maths lol

    is the pic quality good x

    Welcome to HUKD kellykel,

    If you put what you want help with in the title, it would help us know what you want help with.

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    ok how do i edit


    ok how do i editx

    I am not sure if you can, as you are a new member.

    Try clicking "Edit" in your opening post. Failing that report your post ask a moderator to do it for you.


    thnks chick...i wasnt gna say nethn but as u ur **** at maths … thnks chick...i wasnt gna say nethn but as u ur **** at maths lol is the pic quality good x

    Well mine is pretty good I reckon, dont forget tesco have all there tvs out and switched on, so most times you can get a good judge of how its gonna be.

    It is an absolutely stunning picture when we plug the Xbox in with the HDMI cables.

    And see photos that have been taken of the kids maybe standing beside or near it the picture on the tv comes out really good too, unlike the old chubby tvs that the pic rolls in if you have taken a pic.

    Pretty sure argos are doing some good deals on tvs at the moment too.

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    ooooooooooooooooooooooo toushe'


    dont think you can get 32inch plasmas. 37 is the smallest I have seen amd never with a built in dvd player (why would you want that anyway?).
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