help iv done something to my keyboard and buttons do different things

    I dunno when or how iv done it but some of my buttons are doing the wrong thing, my pound sign is putting hash, and i cant find where my pound sign is (its not where hash shud be) and my @ is where " should be and vise versa, possibly a couple of others have changed to (brackets in correct place thow), what have I done and how can I fix it please. thanku


    Go into control panel and language, you have somehow set the keyboard to us layout

    Start>Control Panel>Date, Time, Language and Regional options>Language and Regional options>Languages>Text services and input languages>Details.
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    try pressing the left alt key and the Left Shift key together

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    try pressing the left alt key and the Left Shift key together

    yay, this worked thanku, i take it i had pressed them then, what did it do, is it american settings or something?

    jus# live wi#h i#, i did

    alternates between UK and USA keyboard settings
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