help! just bought a golf

    jut bought a vw golf r-reg 1.4 16 v
    think its a mk4 but not sure can someone tell me ware is the best place for some cheap 16 or 17inch alloys. thanks in advance


    lol..dude, you posted in the wrong section. Post in misc for questions to other users. Feedback is for questions about the site or for the moderators.

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    might want to factor in another couple of hundred for new suspension... a mk4 golf on 17's is going to look like its on stilts

    Have a look on a few of the VW enthusiast forums, theres often people selling 2nd hand wheels and they're generally well looked after. I used to use…ms/ and] http//fo…om/ both of which are great communities and have members who'll tell you all you need to know about which offset, tyre width and sidewall depth will give you the best fit and ride.

    Moved to misc... feedback forum is for hukd issues
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