help! just bought a micro sd card...

    for my phone and my phones accepts it and i have transferred over pre-existing files thats i had saved on my phone. But when i bluetooth files from my computer to my phone, it says memory full, even though there is well over 3gb left on the card!

    can i only get data on my phone via the micro sd, is by transferring via my pc then onto my phone, or should it serve as an all round extra memory for the phone.

    Will rep help, thanks!



    there should be a setting, to save the files sent by bluetooth directly onto the memory card.

    So I take it that you were able to bluetooth from your PC to your old card.

    Copy all the files to your PC, and put the old one in and see if it works, then try again with the new one.

    Does your card accept SDHC cards?

    I think you'll find the bluetooth is set to save to your phone rather than straight to card, check the settings :thumbsup:
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