Help- Keep getting Signed out :(

    Please help guys....its become a major pain in the behind!

    So i signed into HUKD or FB and before i can even post a reply or open up a deal im told to log in because im not signed in.

    So i log in again, and before i can do anything im signed out again.

    I think u get the idea etc etc etc.

    Its really annoying and i know there's some very computer savvy people on here, so please help me lol.


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    Btw it took me 6 attempts at signing in to get as far as posting this thread

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    but it signs me out in second not like hours lol

    but behaving itself on this thread haha



    yesbut it signs me out in second not like hours lolbut behaving itself on … yesbut it signs me out in second not like hours lolbut behaving itself on this thread haha

    cleaned cookies ?

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    yeh tried deleting them many times, im still leaning toward some sort of cookies settings messed up, or security too tight or something lol

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    Lol think ive solved it.

    After a couple of weeks of failing i manage to solve it just after opening a thread lol.

    I was Deleting my cookies but there was a subsection which i had ticked which said "preserve favourited website cookies" and HUKD is my homepage lol.

    Cheers for the help anyways guys lol

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    maybe i was premature lol, it was all looking fine, then it just cam back haha

    My wife had the same problem on facebook all day yesterday
    its a glitch in the servers apparently !!!
    left it 24 hours and now its working fine
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