HELP! Keeping earphone cables tidy - please share tips!

    After the umpteenth time untangling the earphone cables ...

    Has anyone got a quick, easy way to keep them tidy without having to purchase something else? Share photos if possible.

    no cat entangling trick video please



    Thought i was the only one. I swear the cables come alive at night and start making out in my draw. When i can be bothered i use those ties for freezer bags

    If you search 'bone collection cable wrap' that's what I use. Got mine quite cheap off eBay and works a treat
    Edit: just realized you don't want to buy anything. Doh! You could probably make one quite easily tho

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    1. With your right hand make devil horns (third and fourth fingers tucked, second and fifth extended)

    2. Use your thumb to hold the earbuds against your palm

    3. Wrap the cable around your 2nd and 5th fingers using a figure-8. This is really the key part, the cris-crossing prevents it from knotting

    4. When you have 6 to 8 inches of cable left, wrap the remaining cable around the center of the figure-8 a few times

    5. Tuck remaining cable to taste. Somtimes I tuck it through one of the figure-8 loops, sometimes through the center wrapping, sometimes not at all.

    Paul said he stole the idea from his fiancee's knitting. She uses the same technique (called butterflying) to create mini balls of yarn that don't knot and can just be pulled on to get more yarn.

    (credit lifehacker: ]link)

    Get one of these..…des

    Usually Zavvi stores have accessories like this in Virgin Mobile section... I saw one last week but don't remember its name now...
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