Help - kids monitor playing up ! is it repairable?

    Hi , not sure which section this goes in so hope im not in bad books for putting it here.

    The kids 17" dell monitor is playing up when powered on it shows a picture for around 2 seconds then goes blank if its turned on and off enough times it finally stays on (lots and lots of times) anyone tell me if this is a simple repair or am i looking at finding more unavailable cash for a new one?




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    It's way way cheaper to replace it than repair it
    new 17" monitors are dirt cheap now, and even lcd ones are extremely cheap

    Yep. As above. Just buy a new LCD screen and dump the other one.

    Do you live anywhere near Merseyside? I have a brand new (used once) Dell 19" CRT monitor which you can have for free, as long as you can pick it up. PM me if you want it.

    How old is it, give Dell a ring and explain your displeasure, politely, they may be able to help in some way, what do you have to loose, may be a fault they are aware of. good luck :thumbsup:

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    Its around 4 years old now so maybe like all my other items is on the way out. Typically everything seems to break at same time.:x

    Dont forget there is a president that electrical goods must last a reasonable time even after the waranty, did you get an extended waranty deal when you got it ? just a thought as its easy to forget. I think you can talk via instant message.
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