Help - Land Line and Broadband Advice needed

Hi Guys

I was wondering if anybody had any advice on the cheapest way of setting up a new land line and broadband connection in a property.

There will be no existing line so I would be treated as a new customer.

From what I understand

Join BT but sign a 12 month contract not sure if there is a connection fee
Talk Talk wont let you join them without an existing line in place i.e BT however you have the 12 month contract with BT!
Post office will charge a one off connection fee of £110 but there is no minimum contract
Virgin only available in a Virgin area
Tiscali can set up a new line for £30 (not sure if that is true)

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Someone phoned up Sky and said they would get Sky but they don't have a phone line and can't afford to get one and Sky paid for it. Might be worth a try
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