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    HELP I bought the Acer Aspire 9304 and i would like to upgrade the memory it shows it has (Memory: 2 x 512MB RAM) is it possible to put a 2gb Memory and one of the existing 512mb. If it can be done can someone please tell me what would be the best 2gb memory to buy (make and type etc) and where to buy it from . can anyone tell me in a step by step detail how to put the memory in the Acer Aspire 9304

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    I buy all my memory from

    A search for your laptop on there shows that your 9304 can handle up to 4GB of RAM! So thats up to 2GB in each slot!

    Buying from crucial it would cost you as follows;

    2GB Kit (2 x 1GB sticks) = £52.86
    4GB Kit (2 x 2GB sicks) = £105.74

    Thats delivered, with a lifetime warranty! Could be less if you go through quidco (you get 10% off them through quidco!)

    ]See your RAM options here

    As for putting the memory in the in laptop and removing the old RAM, on the bottom of the laptop there will be a compartment which will probably have a little image of a stick of RAM on it. Just unscrew that, open it up, then the two little prongs on either side pull away from the chip and they should bounce up for you to take out. Take out, pop new ones in.. done :-) Lots of guides on the web, and also youtube video's may be worth a look.

    Hope this helps!
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