Help laptop turning on randomly

    Quite odd this, every so often in the middle night my laptop decides to turn itself on...

    It's very intermitant, sometimes it might do it a couple of nights in a row, then it might go a week before it does it again. Been a light sleeper it tends to wake me up whenever it does it.

    I think it may do it in the day sometimes too, as I occasionly come to it to find the battery flat.

    I am literally loosing sleep over this.



    youve checked ur power settings yeah

    If you just want a solution then either put it in another room....or take the battery out when you're not using it....problem solved....if you want it fixing then I wouldnt know where to begin...

    Original Poster

    What sort of power saving settings would cause it to switch on?

    Or yes, it could be gremlins!

    lol mine did this the othernight. turned out I had changed the settings so that it never hibernates, so when you shut thelid it doesnt properly go to sleep. I just changed the settings back to what they were before I played with them and now its fine!

    Is it possible that your network adaptor has been set to 'allow this device to wake the computer'?

    It might be worth checking this through Device Manager as I had a similar problem.


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    I will check both of these, thanks

    Check BIOS settings for wake on LAN as well as Device manager.

    our desktop used to do this, as it was connected to the intermet and it had a virus, so someone was connecting to it remotely.

    i would turn-off wi-fi and take battery out if it was waking me up.
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