Help, left negative feedback for a seller on ebay and now its removed?

Hi we bought a car of somone on ebay and it was only good for scrap so left the seller negative feedback but now its been removed and hes now on 100% feedback again

how did this happen?


Did you use any rude words or in any way put the seller down ? If you just told the facts i cant see where theres a problem... however if you personally attacked the seller then ebay will pull it.

Maybe the seller proved to ebay you did it out of spite....... what if the seller had the chance to leave negative feedback for you as well, would you have left the seller negative, knowing fully well you ll be getting one back in return?

If you used bad words or were personal about the seller then he could have applied to eBay to have your comments removed.

View eBay help, find their contact nunber and phone them.


closed at op request

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