HELP!! LG N2B1DD2 NAS & Cyberlink BluRay Software

    I bought one of these last week, just installed Windows 7 on to my PC and installed the included Cyberlink BluRay Suite software. You run the software and guess what - it doesn't see the BluRay drive in the LG NAS at all!! My question is, has anyone else bought one of these NAS units and successfully got the Cyberlink software to see the drive it was included for?

    One other thing is, when you load the software it trys to do an update. Once the update is downloaded it then installs upto the point of realising it can't see a BluRay on the system.

    You can see the drive using explorer and can read disks through there, but what's the point of including software with hardware that doesn't see it straight out of the box?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    First of all run the the BD-Advisor programme to see if your computer is up to spec to play Blue-Rays. Then you need to go to the LG-NAS main web page (just type LG-NAS into internet explorer and log in) on the left hand side go to services and enable iSCSI. You then need to run iSCSI Initiator on windows 7 to get the service running. You should then see the BD player from within windows rather than the default CD player.

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    I'm going to have to read up on this, iSCSI has just gone straight over my head!! oO Now you've put me on the path again I'll see if I can search on google for a dummys guide for thickos ;-)

    Thanks for you answer mate.

    It's not that difficult honest Hope you get it going.


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    It's not that difficult honest Hope you get it going.

    then why not post how its done lol
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