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Found 13th Aug 2012
Hi I've just moved house and it has a very old system in, back boiler I'm after getting it rip out and having a Worcester Bosch boiler, looking at help link as I've seen it time after time on the tv ad but is there a catch? And it's sounds to good, I have £2000 for a boiler but looking for your advice really, anyone on here had it done with them?

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Help link ? You want to pay Worcester to install it ?
Would suggest you buy the boiler as cheap as possible off the internet and the find a reputable local Gas Safe installer of their web site to install for you.
Worcester normally give a 5 year warranty when the boiler is registered.
If fitted by a Worcester trained engineer usually your local gas safe engineer should have stickers all over his van
Ok thanks
Any idea where I can get one off the net at a good price?
What model is it, I'm looking at the 42cdi which can be had for £1375 delivered.
No idea I'm in a 3 bed semi unsure what I would want but want a good system
Just had an Ideal Logic+ installed. Boiler is only about £800. Then install costs of about £800 on top. Working brilliantly so far and has a seven year warranty.
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3 bed semi you only really need a 24/25 kw 42 kw is far to excessive for many installations and will never be on full rate for very long do wasted really
Before you spend lots attempting to heat the house why not first ensure it is well insulated. This will save you heating costs in the longer term

Before you spend lots attempting to heat the house why not first ensure … Before you spend lots attempting to heat the house why not first ensure it is well insulated. This will save you heating costs in the longer term

Very true, I'm just moved in the house so got loads on at min, I see in the books it say loft only has 100mm insulated and needs to be 250mm I hear there a lot of places doing it free? Is this true? If so how do I get it? And what's the catch?
i don't watch adverts so not seen this help link.
Beware. I foolishly bought a Help-Link boiler having been mislead by the Johnny Ball advert. The boiler was priced at £2,900 approx and the Hp was £35 per month over ten years. To date I have had problems with a gas leak following installation, multiple call outs by engineers to try and improve the performance of the heating system, been given different instructions about how to use the system, been advised twice on the resiteing of the thermostat and am still not saving gas. So please think twice before going to Help-Link.
apparently, Help link supply very basic cheap boiler models.

Good comments there.
I had a Vaillant installed by plus 5 year warranty for under £1900. I was also offered an Ideal Vogue with 10 year warranty but went with Vaillant as folks have had one for last 12 years and had no issues.
If money is no object then go for viessmann.

Otherwise Vaillant EcoTEC Exclusive range, Worcester Greenstar CDI range, Baxi Platinum Combi range or Ideal Logic + Plus range.

Help Link are a joke btw. Avoid if you can. Not as professional as they would have you believe. Also cheats and crooks.

Bosch give 5 years warranty and you dont have to have them install it.

For the install to be worth the while, you should ensure that the property is well insulated.

Also you need to choose what type of boiler best suits your needs. A combi or conventional or system or back. Combi and conventional are the common types. Also 30kw or less should be more than sufficient for a 3/4 bedroom detached.

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I'm a landlord of a two bed bungalow. Currently it still has the original boiler, poss 30+years old. It passed its Landlord certificate 12 yrs in a row, but I fear it's on its luck's running out !
I too was smitten with johnny ball s Help link ad. The Bungalow has had Cavity/ loft insulation. So is British gas a contender? No one has mentioned them!
I've just had a gloworm boiler fitted it cost £737.00 it has a 6 yr warranty and the fitting was £320.00. The difference is amazing.
i have glow worm 18hxi but the f1 fault keeps coming up and iam covered by home energy service and have been out three times and havent sorted it yet anyone else had this problem cashton derby
Don't be fooled by the lovely Johnny your money and buy from a reputable installer. Help Link are no better than Dick Turbin (the Highwayman) least he wore a mask.

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