HELP! lol...Would appreciate any advice

    Helllooo people!'s snowing! Well its beautiful and annoying at the same time!

    I wanted some advice!

    A relative has a copy of a DVD of a recent event, is it possible to convert this into a format so he can upload this for on the net for me (obviously on a secure server) for me to download?

    If it helps it made up of .ifo and .bup files?



    Depends on the quality you want as to what format is best, which will also dictate size.

    AutoGK (freeware) is great to rip it to xvid/divx... which will retain decent quality.

    Oh and you can set filesize in it... which like i said will dictate the size of the rip you end up with.

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    Thankyou so much pal! Looks exactly what I need.

    What size would you recommend if I want to show it on TV? Obviously depends how big the TV is as upscaling it will reduce the resolution?

    lol @ the avatar!

    Well you really gotta go with how long the video is. I usually look at an hour and a half for a 700 meg rip. But you can experiment and see what suits you best. Most xvid rips you find on the net cough cough follow that format. Anything over 1:30hrs and they will do a 2cd rip. If its only like an hours worth of footage then have a go with say 500 meg and see how it turns out.

    PS i find xvid better over divx and usually only do a 1pass encode. That does me fine for my home movies (sony minidv handycam rips, onto xbox for streaming to 50" plasma). They come out great for what i need.

    Obviously if this is way too large for uploading to server then go by what you think is a good size vs quality.

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    Cheeers bud!

    I'm going to have a go....

    I'm googling it and also doing some research...

    But in the folder they have

    3.vob files, 2.ifo files and then 2 .bup files..

    Do they choose the .ifo? when making an image?

    One ifo will be the menu system... one will be the film. Choose each one and you will see the actual runtime of the menu/movie in autogk. Obviously go with the ifo that contains the correct runtime of the movie. All the info about the movie itself is contained in that ifo file. So it basically knows what vobs are needed to play the movie. For some reason when they designed dvd structure vobs where limited to just over a gig a vob. So the ifo file tells the player that vob1 vob2 etc makes up that section of the movie. If that makes sense lol.

    Just go with the runtime and you wont go wrong ;-)

    Oh and yes always choose the ifo and autogk will work out the rest.

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    Thanks pal!


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    Wahoo...its been converted into an .avi.

    Any advice wich is the best way to now split this into smaller parts so I can get it sent over?


    Sorry m8 didnt see the reply till now. U could always try rar'ing it into smaller parts, size of your choice. Or use a freeware proggy like HJSplit. Id personally go the rar/zip route ;-)
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