HELP! london tomorrow

    going with a bunch of family that have come from states and canada and wanna good CHEAP day out, we are gonna go to the museums and all..was hoping that my clubcard vouchers would have come thrrough so we could go on the city cruises thingy....sadly didnt realise they were dispatched in 5 days as opposed to next day.... anyways....

    need some decent cheap/free ideas of what to see/do ...there are gonna be lil kiddies in our party!



    london zoo

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    pricey,......esp with the exchange rate fr the americans..... there are gonna be 19 including kids in our party.....

    click there site they do group deals big discount:)

    It's got to be Covent Garden - lots of free entertainment with street acts and buskers etc, the music is amazing and there is a small market there with arty stuff to just browse around.. It's my favourite place in London.. spent a whole day there once.. if your budget runs to it have lunch in Percy's - if you can't afford that then there is a Pizza hut buffet for about £5 makes it cheaper to see all of the attractions, includes travel, but expensive if there's going to be 19 of you.…008 - free places to go and visit, listed by category like museums and attractions etc.

    Oooh, and if you are travelling by train to london you can get 2 for 1 on (amongst loads of other things) the city cruises you wanted to go on. See here:

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    ANNOYINGLY can only get london zoo tickets online cheap one day advance....

    hamleys seems a good idea though!!! thanks all x

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    those linkies are fab x


    those linkies are fab x

    Go on the last one, looks like you can get 2 for 1 on the zoo tickets. Hope you have a lovely time!!

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    covent garden and hamleys!! sorted x

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    thanks dixon

    Get yourself to bed magicbeans, or you're gonna be too tired on your day out tomorrow!!
    Have fun. :thumbsup:

    I seriously hope it doesn't rain tomorrow! Fingers crossed.


    covent garden and hamleys!! sorted x

    let us know how you get on - hope the weather holds out

    have a good day mg - nip into Harrods as well - still a few sale items - 4th floor:thumbsup:

    As you're going to have a few children in your group you might want to consider the Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Hyde Park - also known as Peter Pan's Playground. ]Here.
    My kids love this place.

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    haha ok im off to bed will see linky in morning..... xxx

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    couldnt resist the linky... oooo!
    weather is gonna rain later in afternoon x


    open top tour bus. Stops at all the sights, and you can use your ticket on certain river cruises. Makes it a lot cheaper.


    oh and for food, there is a mcdonalds at the tower of london, usual prices. :thumbsup:

    good luck MB!
    (note to self: avoid hamleys, covent garden hehe)

    If you travel by rail you can get 2 for 1 offers on lots of attractions throughout London.…spx

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    thanks guaise. xx

    Tate Modern.
    Cool art and a walk across the river too.

    goto st pauls then onto millennium bridge to tate modern, then afters take the RV1 bus to get to the wheel, where the london aquarium is too.

    Not London, but there are free entry tickets (usually £20pp) for Warwick Castle. Americans love it and were raving about it when we went. They have a medeval summer event on each day now and the place is covered in medeval tents and all staff walk around dressed in full character of the time. Lots of photo opportunities with staff, beside waxworks, stocks etc. They have knights on horses jousting and battle displays. There is Archery displays, jugglers, a band of plague victims in costume and they fire balls of flames out of a giant catapult . The castle has period rooms with waxworks in them, a dungeon with torture bits in them. You have to pay £2.50pp if you want to go into the ghost tower-won't spoil it but it is the most scarey 8 mins and only suitable I feel for adults who are not of a nervous disposition. They have peacocks wandering around the lawn, a lovely rose garden, fountains and lawns down to the river. Food was very expensive, so I would take a back pack picnic. Parking was £3 in the castle grounds. You just print off the vouchers staed on this site and no queing at ticket office, you go straight to the turnstiles and hand over. It says adults, but we got the children in free with no problems, as did everyone else. Go early though, to fit everything in. (opens 10am).

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    thank u all. luckily clubcard vouchers came on day so we went on the boat thingy and went from tower to westminster, hence houses of parliment and then traflagar square. were gonna go covent gardens but got slowed down tih kids and family getting lost etc! haha!! was a fab day! thansk for all ur tips everyone x

    science and history museums are free

    I went to the science museum last week great stuff :thumbsup:
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