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Found 16th Sep 2008
im looking for a laptop for around £400. i will want to use it for playing football manager at a good speed, browsing the internet, watching videos and listning to music.

ive found three so far but dont know much about what the specs meen. could anyone tell me what is the best out of these three and if they can find a better one for under £430.




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a friend of mine bought this from tesco:


its a quality laptop, played around with it and its pretty fast
the main features were:

core 2 due 2ghz
2gb ram
DVD RW with lightscribe :thumbsup:
Mini Remote with media centre facilities :thumbsup:
Built in webcam :thumbsup:
and HDMI connector :thumbsup:

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cheers what do you think ofthe 3 i posted above though. are they any good or better than the one you posted as i dont uderstand the specs of computers.

well, my personal opinion, comparing your laptops to the one i said:

almost the same except:
-ve: no lightscribe DVD (you can write/label via a laser onto a dvd)
-ve: no Built in webcam and mic
-ve: no HDMI connector
-ve: no Media Centre Remote Control

-ve: Don't really like Toshiba
-ve: AMD Processor
-ve: no light scribe
-ve: no remote
-ve no HDMI
+ve: 3gb Ram
+ve 1.3mp camera

-ve: no light scribe
-ve: no remote
-ve no HDMI
-ve £429.98 (£30more)
+ve: 250GB
+ve: Bluetooth

hope that helps

Original Poster

cheers for that but are the procesors fast enough to run football manager at a good speed and what is the fastest out of the 4 above laptops?

procesors speeds are the same except,
ebuyer.com/pro…173 - doesn't say!
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