Help looking for a laptop please

    I feel my laptop is on its last legs and need pointed in the right direction of a new one.

    Cheap as possible (obviously!)

    All I do on the laptop is go on the internet , just browsing, and put some pics on now and again from my camera or phone, although im going to get one of them sticks and store pics on that instead.

    I do no gaming, downloading films or watching things online, other than random youtube things now and again.

    I have no idea about computers, dont understand all the RAM and GB stuff, so please help me without jargon speach!!!!

    Id really appriciate it if someone could point me in the right direction of a good deal. As i said above im looking for something cheap as possible as im going to have to con my husband into buying me it and i dont think hes going to be best pleased about it!

    Thanks in advance


    This one…251

    I just bought one and it arrived today.
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    Have you considered a net book, they would suit your needs, the only thing is they are real small and compact, with 10 inch screen, i've been looking at them today, tesco's in store are selling one with windows 7 for £199 and another with XP for £179, both have real gr8 specs, so added bonus(_;)

    Original Poster

    guilbert that one is a bit over my price range to be honest, although reading the comments it seems a very good deal.

    Sands i wil certainly look at these, thank you both very much for taking the time to help
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