Help!!!! Looking for a Piggy Bank

    Hi All

    Does anybody know where I can pick up some cheap piggy banks?, I don't want to spend too much it's just a little jokey present to add to my sisters christmas presents.



    I saw some on - various prices, but have to pay p+p though unless there's any codes around

    Saw some the other day when I was in New Look of all places. Metallic pink, gold and silver (3 colours, not all in one!!) were the choices. They were quite small and really cute and were only a few quid if I remember rightly, they were next to the till which is why I noticed them. If you go in, don't forgot to print off a 20% off New Look voucher (full price items only) off the internet.

    :-Dyer forgot about the ones in new look they were lovely aswell think they were £6 or round about

    if its a jokey one the card factory at them at the tills for £1, lil plastic pigs with wings about 2" high by 3" long

    New Look has got a small one in very shiney hot pink and I thing it was reduced to £1. I almost bought one for myself. Really gorgeous!

    Got a nice one in M&S but can't find it online. It is in their xmas 3 for 2 deal too.



    Original Poster

    Thanks everybody, think I will tryanf get some from new look.

    Merry Christmas !!!
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