Help looking for a tall piece of furniture..

Hi guys,

Just need some help im looking for something tall with drawers and shelfs. I have a few examples from argos but dunno where else i can look.

Just have a little space we need to try to find something tall to maximise the room

The space is 49mm (w), 50m (D), and height can be more 1m or more.

Here is examples...


This is more what i want but would like with more drawers and its a bit pricey.


Any help would be great thanks, Good Luck.


Original Poster

any website ideas? =bump=

argos is down at the mo so i can't see the pics but have you tried mfi or ikea?

I'd avoid Argos furniture like the plague and go for Ikea, as has already been suggested.

A few of my friends have bought Argos furniture of late and it's like a timewarp into the 80s when MFI furniture was the butt-end of jokes.

Argos furniture is comedy, joke furniture and not really meant to be used in peoples' homes. Not in civilised western society, oh no.
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