Help: Looking for Adobe Acrobat Professional for Windows, Version 9


    I am looking for this PDF creator, editor, i.e. the whole thing.

    Am told Version 9, Adobe Acrobat Professional is the one I need, BUT when I searched online, I got all sorts of things like:
    Download Only
    Version 9 Version 9 Pro Mac

    Is Version 9 the latest?

    I want Pro, Version 9, boxed CD, Windows. It also came in at various prices, from about £150 to £300 - this has now confused me beyond my poor capabilities.

    Would very much appreciate some help - please let me know if I am looking for the right thing - Adobe Acrobat Professional Version 9 for Windows.

    And if so, why is there such a huge price range online? Is there something I am missing, apart form my software brain!!

    Thanks, in advance.

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    there are lots of other products that will create pdf's at a fraction of the price or even free, even ms office will save as a pdf. so unless you need a specific feature in the adobe product have a look elsewhere before forking out 500 quid. try searching [url][/url] for "pdf creator"
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