help lost deeds? to a house what can I do ?

    One of my family members has just past away but I fear the deeds to her house have been lost can you get replacements? what can I do ?
    Any help im very greatful. +REP



    sometimes the bank keep them if they ever had a mortgage on the property
    a solicitor may keep them
    try land registry
    see if they have registered it there if they have you dont need deeds


    I think that the Land Registry hold electronic copies of all property deeds ?…asp

    You could give them a call tomorrow & they should certainly be able to advise you what steps your family need to take to obtain a copy…ts/

    If they had a mortgage with a building soc they will sometimes store them after the mortgage is paid, check what accounts they had...

    Original Poster

    I know its not with the bank as we did used to have them, but we gave them back and then she lost them. thanks for all replies so far :thumbsup:

    As mentioned before, try a land registry search, you can view title register and property details only £3 each and download as a PDF file.

    if you need a solicitor then let me know if they had one it may be with them so check that out as well do not worry if they are gone as you can get copies from land reg.
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