HELP Lost important files please help

    Hi all

    Just deleted two large music files by mistake, also because they were to large for the recycle bin they were not put in there

    is there another way to restore them? tried system restore but takes me to far back

    using vista if it matters

    thanks for any help


    long as your hard drive doesnt overwrite them files you can still recover them, you will need data recovery software but i have no used any free version only paid ones i.e. total recall, advanced disk recovery, disk doctors windows data recovery etc

    Try recuva

    Original Poster

    wow comes up trumps again

    i used recuva and it worked a treat in under 10 minutes

    many many thanks rep added to all that replied

    thanks again

    Now you know why we say to people make sure you backup your files, even if it is only to a memory stick or external hard disk.
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