HELP! Lost iPhone restore point!

    Hi there

    Daym, wanted to restore my iPhone to when I got it from the previous seller. About 2 days back I had the option to restore it to a backup of my choice and the previous owners profile appeared.

    However, when today I went back to restore that profile is no longer there, instead it states unknown profile. I chose that option but it doesn't seem to have changed anything!

    Any idea how I can restore it to such state before I take it in to be repaired?

    Would appreciate it soooo much!


    Original Poster

    Oh Ok...So upgrading to the latest firmware ha no disadvantage?

    Also once restored it automatically upgrades it to the latest fw, after this will it require activating?


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    That's true oh well, I'll update it to its latest firmware and then use rebelsim to use my 3 sim in?

    Shall see how it goes!

    Thanks for the help!

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    Anyone out there who might know if it upgrades my firmware, surely this will change the iPhones baseband which cannot get it unlocked?

    The thing is I am worried that if I restore, I haven't got the original simcard required to activate the phone, does this matter or any o2 sim will do?

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