Help - ludite needs mobile phone advice!

Found 27th Dec 2009
Much against my wishes, bought my daughter a mobile for Christmas.

I've only ever had work ones before that are set up and just work.

This one took me 3 hours just to top up the credit!!!

It's a LG KS360, a touch screen / slide phone on Orange and seems great.

It's on PAYG and I have no idea how I tell how much credit is left or how much calls cost?

Does anyone know of any easy games I can put on it too please and where I download them?



i think your better off leaving your daughter to play with it if it is indeed her phone. if all else fails read the instructions

Dial 343 and choose an animal tariff,for topping up you will be entitled to a reward over the next month,some gives free texts,free music,free calls,free wap etc,go to…788

and see which would be preferable,then activate it by dialing 343 and choosing preferred option

Once activated you will receive a text later on to confirm,

You can check your balance by dialing 453,once you hear balance then continue on by selecting option 1 twice to hear reward balance remaining

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Brilliant, thanks grabbit rep added
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