Help major laptop problem help needed!!!

    Evening all, my dell inspiron 1501 won't boot to windows!!! I am able to instruct the laptop to boot to windows normally, or to boot to startup fix mode, if i select normally the laptop boots to the loading screen and automatically powers down, if it boots to startup fix mode then i go through the same process of windows attempting to fix probelms and restarting the sytem. This has all been brought about by a faulty lcd screen as confirmed by dell themselves after playing my beep error code down the phone, i remidied this by connecting my laptop to my tv and i can see the video output perfectly, can anyone help at all?
    Thanks in advance


    sounds like you're going to need a new screen, or at least check the connections. Have Dell not suggested ways of fixing it?

    Original Poster

    yeah pay £249 for a new screen, i get output on my tv though when connecting a vga cable to the laptop thats not the problem its a booting issue

    Is there a Dell disc for the drivers ? or maybe use a copy of windows to boot from disc, I assume its Vista.


    "start up fix mode"?, not seen this before?
    I suspect you may need to boot off an xp disc to rectify the suspected problems properly, likely to be a damaged sector on the hdd from being forcibly powered off due to no display available
    boot from xp cd gointo repair console and type chkdsk /r (then press enter), when finished type exit (then press enter)
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