Help making my own business cards.

    Ive designed some business cards in MS Publisher, which im happy with. I just cant find any information on how to print them out. What kind of paper do I need? Will my printer print on the kind of paper required?

    Thanks in advance!


    250 gram card usually works, not sure most printers will take them. use to print them on xerox huge printers and just about took 250g

    alternativley.. if your going to do a more proffessional look, but on the cheap.. go to a service station on the motorway, (the oxford services on the M40) and they have them machines where you get like 500 for £10! or somethign like that,.. you use their paper and ink, and its all cut and everything for you...

    i havent used them, never had the need, but presuming by the time you buy the paper, and use a whole cartidge of ink, it may work out cheaper*

    *only cheaper if its near you.. wouldnt recommed you drive all the waaaayy down to oxford or something if you like in glasgow... in which case it'll be st00pidly expensive!

    mailboxes etc print them too and trim them down to correct size.

    I have used these from ]Staples
    You just use their template and your design and bingo! :thumbsup:

    Tried Vistaprint?


    vistaprint isnt bad -i used them and they wont stop sending me junk emails though


    Tried Vistaprint? ]

    Not someone you want to give your card details to -…33/

    My missus uses Vista Print all the time - for Xmas cards, business cards, notes etc. I think as long as you tick all the right boxes (no spam, no phony £9.95 charges etc) you are OK.


    May be better?

    all rubbish, i am assuming your business card is to give people, so it should make a good, lasting impressions, min 400 gram paper/card, nothing worse than a cheap business card.
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