Help man with camper van type thing avatar

    Can anyone help a while ago back in march there was a man who used this site and he had just finished doing up is camper van type thing and had a picture of it as his avatar, does anyone know who I am talking about as I would like to send him a PM and dont know his user name.
    Thanks. xx


    the person from cornwall?

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    Oh I dont know where he was from sorry

    i know who you mean.. ill try and find them.

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    he was called cornish I think

    oh yeah i remember he had a music question didnt he. maybe he's travelling.

    emasu - u have a black book or something, profile of everyone. lol i used to have one with notes on chatters when i first started chat loooong time ago (too many chatters to remember).

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    thanks so much, l will leave you rep but I dont think it means anything because I havent posted enough deals or something. Thanks again your great

    Just glad to help

    Wasn't me by any chance??

    I also live in Cornwall.


    I think it was you?


    I think it was you?


    1- I've had a past but I've always been careful-ish & worn protection so hopefully no skeletons there.

    2- All the people I owe cash to write to me so I don't think they'd contact me via here.

    3- The Bedford camper of love although in great demand is sadly not for sale at this time.

    4-I'm all but married so no Big-Col love to spare.

    5-I'm all but poor so no Big-Col cash to spare.


    what a runaway success story then lol.
    nice to see you hear k-col

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    Yes it was you I was looking for, but it turns out that it wasnt you after all. xxx
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