Found 31st Dec 2006
hello all. i woke up yesterday with a migrane and felt really pukey sick. needless to say i spent most the day by the toilet. I went to bed early etc n rested as much as is poss with a 2yr old! neway headache gone but i have a sickey feeling in my belly (feels bit like im starving actually-hungerish pains) but i dont fancy anything. i normally have a huge appitite ive had 1 slice of toast and half a lil trifle. but im gettin worried i wanna drink 2nite n eat loads but cant get in the mood. what can i do for the next 7 hrs to help me feel better? is there ne drugs that settle stomach ermmm woteva u call it? sickness. for all the women it feels like morning sickness like the feeling ur guna b sick etc (i have a coil so not preggie)

god this is long! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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Get a McDonalds down you !!

The fatty stodge always makes you feel better (and a swig of Kaline & Morphene) !!!

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lol thats wot i keep thinking to get a takeaway! my bellys so bloated and sore tho!!! ill be wearing bridget jones nick nocks to nite if im not carefull!

I lke Andrews salts for all my ills, fixes everthing stomach related.

Then a cheesburger and a poo, all ready for tonight then :viking:

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lol are these both coming from a lads point of view?!!!! they are exactly the sorta thing my fiance comes out with!
dO andrews salts have parecetomol in them coz ive been taking anidin extra
sorry bout the spelling but im poorly! (nice excuse eh)

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also what is kaline????????

[SIZE=2]There is a sickness suppressant that you can get from the doctor. You put it in your lower lip on the gum and let it dissolve and it takes the nausea away. Don't know what they are called, or if they are available over the counter, but a friendly pharmacy might be able to help.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]The other thing that sometimes helps is an [/SIZE][SIZE=2]aspirin and a glass of lemonade![/SIZE]


I always find burnt toast and tea helps if you're feeling sick, when i used to work night shift i always a horrible sicky feeling come 5am (felt a bit like morning sicknes too) and burnt toast always made me feel better ... Ginger is good too
Hope you're feeling better soon yummymummy

i agree about the burnt toast!! works for me

Any bread really helps me when I am feeling like that (get migraines quite often, there aint a lot you can do to get rid!). A plain bread roll and some milk could help.
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