Help me (again) I cannot get 2.1 android update on my Xperia X10

    My Xperia came with 1.6 so i checked for an update and it said there was the 2.1 available but i had to connect to pc so i installed the driver/software and it is stuck on step 2 of 4 (preparing)
    Anyone know how i get the official update over the air or without using the sony pc suite please?


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    On T-mobile but they couldn't help was on the phone to them for like and hour yesterday

    I'm sure this happened with a friends one, she had to return it.

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    Ah poo

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    Yes, no it's on and yes

    In my local T-Mobile store they have a firmware upgrading process in store - I don't know if they do android phones or if it's just or dumbphones which hardly get updates.

    Gutted that they are only just updating to 2.1 for you when 2.3 has just been released - and SE PROMISED everyone that they would be on top of firmware updates when the device launched.

    A guy i know told me yesterday he had 2.3 on his xperia. SEUS can be a pig sometimes. make sure nothing else is using your internet connection and make sure your firewall isnt causing problems.

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    Help me obi wan

    Just to let the thread know, my HTC Legend updated over the air to 2.2 yesterday.

    It just popped up a message and updated...

    It is sad that some companies make it so difficult to update.. Downloading PC software ... etc... etc...

    Why 2.1, it is a year old anyway, 2.3 is de soon...

    make sure the internet is on on your phone, change your date on your phone to six months in the future.....wait 15 minutes, then chane it back to current date,, i had a popup appear asking me if i wanted to update to 2,1,

    hope this helps

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    I'm genuinely trying to figure out if you're just a **** idiot or a … I'm genuinely trying to figure out if you're just a **** idiot or a child, this is what SEUS says and you still insist it has to be turned on.

    well thanks 4 ur help but u cannot mount my xperia as it needs to be on to drag down the slide bar and select "mount" as that's what it says on my seus in the baby steps. u must have an old
    sues take a chill pill an some deep breaths dude ffs

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    1. Drag status bar down
    2. Tap USB connect
    3. Tap mount
    4. Pc companion will connect
    that's what I am lookin at, can't do that with phone off mate

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    got a link for that matey?
    merry christmas by the way

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    Sorry for been annoyed, but I have had to basically post the same thing 6 … Sorry for been annoyed, but I have had to basically post the same thing 6 times in a row and been up for 27 hours so far, and was up for 30 (tuesday to wednesday) aswell. Not having a great week!Anyway:Main page: link:

    my bad dude i should of started the post with i am a technophobe.
    got it working now using SEUS nice one fella need a lot of patience with me.
    merry xmas
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