Help me buy a 50" Plasma

    Hi Guys,
    I am in the market within the next 4-6 weeks after completion of an extension of a large TV Room and want to Invest in a top notch Plasma TV.I would prefer to have it on a stand so I can move it on one of these swivel (to 180 deg )stands and not fixed to the wall.

    I would like at least a 50" with as good quality as possible,HD Obviously. I will be also investing in a new SKY HD Box as and when I decide on what I am going for.

    I would consider a bigger size than 50" but that is not crucial

    Any feedback good or bad would be greatly aprecciated as I want to make the correct Investment.

    Is Sony Better than Pioneer which I know are at the top end of the market??

    Is LG Better than Hitachi???

    My Budget is no more than £3000 for this TV.

    If I have missed anything then please just ask and I will reply as soon as I read it.

    Many Many Thanks People.


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    Hello mate.

    To be honest for your needs (especially the amount of cash involved) I would suggest you visit [url][/url] as this is a specialist audio/visual forum and is very very active.

    I suggest reding through some of their posts as the information is priceless, oh and they are a very helpful set of guys and gals.

    Sorry I can't be of more help on this one.

    John Lewis are selling a 55" tv in their special offers department:
    Sony KD55A20S11XTNS Rear Projection HD Ready Digital Television, 55 Inch with FREE DVD/HDD Recorder for £1,495.…spx

    JL have a 5 year guarantee on all their tvs and the recorder has a 2 year guarantee.

    They say it has a stand but the 'other views ' feature isn't working.

    If you order through Quidco you can receive an 8% cashback.
    Anyway, HTH.:)
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