Help me buy a laptop

    Wife needs a laptop, job interviews are rolling in so once she lands one she's gonna need to be up and running.

    She doesn't want a macbook, so i need to find her a good laptop.. Also i wanna spec it so it suits me aswell, so i can perhaps use it for gaming on occasion. As i own a macbook personally and it seems criminal to put windows on it to play games.

    I've no idea who is good to go for, Dell, Acer or HP etc.. Whats good on price.. Or what spec i need, i3 or i5? etc.. It's all confusion for me.

    So some requirements i got if somebody could help me find a good one.

    - Budget: Anywhere between £700-850 - but cheaper is better
    - 15" ish screen would be good, i don't really want an 17" screen. But will consider it if all the other spec and pricing match up.
    - 4GB of RAM (guess this is needed for a good spec?)
    - Good graphics card, as good as possible really. I hear ATI are good?
    - Well built, dont want something flimsy..

    Thanks for the help in advance, you'll earn yourself some rep and a big man hug.


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    Don't pile in all at once :oops:

    You dont need to spend that much! You must be comparing to MacBook prices!

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    You dont need to spend that much! You must be comparing to MacBook … You dont need to spend that much! You must be comparing to MacBook prices!

    lol, well i'm just used to paying upwards of £1000 for a laptop (macbook).

    You got any suggestions based on what i need?

    Providing it fills the requirements - i'm happy.. Cheaper the better.

    Sony CW Series, very good balance of quality and performance/value.

    Intel dual core i3-330M processor.
    2.13GHz processor speed.
    4GB DDR3 RAM.

    14in screen size.
    Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels.

    320GB SATA hard drive.

    Multi Format Dual Layer drive.
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M GPU graphics.
    512MB DDR3 graphic memory.

    £699 usually.

    What about this



    Decent spec! - first 1 I saw! I'm sure you could find cheaper though.…8-1

    Same laptop but cheaper than ebuyer and better shipping (And I'd rather by from amazon)
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