Help me buy an off road bike please !

    Hi there

    I know some of you folk know a lot about bikes.

    I want a bike I can use for trails and up hills. May also use it on road a bit. I am a fell runner with an injury needing to do alternative training!

    What's the best value /quality for less than £200 please?

    many thanks !

    Sarah moo


    Check out the Giant range on this site, about the best value for money around…php

    Original Poster

    Thanks... have had a quick look. What's your opinion on the giant rincon?


    Original Poster

    Any other ideas on a bike gratefully received cheers!

    The rincon looks a good buy at the price, I've always had Giant bikes and can vouch for the build quality/price at the sub £200 I don't think you'll do much better unless you want to chance an ebay buy?:thumbsup:

    since your budget is very tight for any "serious" new MTB I would reccomend you to first reserch well and get a few reccomendations maybe visiting a couple of UK based (just google) MTB forums and when you decide which make/model you think you like and can afford look on Ebay for a second hand one as this is where you can find very good deals. Good luck and enjoy riding!

    The best and most popular site for you to visit Sarah is at [url][/url]. There are great deals on all the time with free assessories . There is a customer care so they can advise you on what bike would suit you .Hope this helps.......Rob C..,
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