Help me -Cheap Laptop wanted for student daughter

Hi there

I need some advice and pointers for a simple laptop around the £300 mark. This is for my daughter who wants one for college.

The things she will be doing on the said laptop is wifi for internet access.
writing assignments.
Storing photos and music on the hard drive.

Are there any out there at that sort of price that will do what she needs?
I did see one for around £300 in tescos maybe need to take a look again.

Does anybody have any clues as to where I can get one?

Many thanks in advance



This seem good for the £300 mark.

or this.


If you can stretch a little more these would be better.

This can be had for £333 using code: HPSPLDIS


Use code:YAW825 for it at £380

Out of these I would go with the HP one as it has the best processor. Could probably do with some more ram at some point but thats a cheap and easy upgrade. You will also get £16.65 cashback if you go through quidco so that only puts you £16.35 over budget which will be money well spent.

Hope that help.

ps welcome to HUKD

GAVINLEWISHUKD has gived a pretty comprehensive answer; I'd only add to it that you should get an external hard drive and use it for storing music and photos - they tend to take up a lot of space.

Try ]here or ]here.

Be good, Dio :thumbsup:
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