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I have recently moved into a new place with my girlfriend and our existing TV which goes in our bedroom is just too small and too quiet for us, our bedroom is fairly big and as such we have agreed to upgrade.

So the sound.. no so much of an issue, I can put a good soundbar or surround sound to fix that. But looking at recommendations for TV's. I'll go ahead and admit I have no clue about TV's and what to buy and not to buy but I have used LG TV's for all of my adult life and not had a single issue with them so I am keen on sticking with them.

Doesn't need to be overkill; we only watch films in bed so doesn't need to break the bank but our TV is mounted a fair way from our bed so size in this case, does matter.

Looking at 60"/65", most likely 65" just because

Any help would be really appreciated though! Thanks!
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There is a Hitachi 58" in Argos £ 299 good reviews.
Look at 65" LGUM7400 . Got ours in November , really happy with it.
Depends on how much you want to spend, I just got a Philips ambilight and the lights are amazing, the sound is also crazy as is the picture. Very very happy and would defo recommend ambilight it’s amazing
Get an 65” LG OLED, got ours last year and it is the nuts.
I bought a Sony 65AG9 from Sony refurb store and it's awesome
Definitely worth keeping an eye on the refurb site for bargains
yorkie1213/05/2020 16:16

Look at 65" LGUM7400 . Got ours in November , really happy with it.

I got one of these in December from richer sounds for £550 with 6 year guarantee, great TV fair play
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