Help me choose an activity tracker watch

Posted 3rd May
I would like to purchase an activity tracker watch. With so many to choose from I would like your help on narrowing down the choice, please.

I'm a big guy so a big watch face wouldn't look out of place on my wrist. However, I intend to wear it whilst sleeping, and playing golf, so the smaller the watch face, with no protruding buttons, the better. It's not out yet but the new Amazfit X is a style that looks nice.

I walk a lot so mile covered, route taken, steps walk, I would like captured. I would like my heart rate recorded through the day and night. Simply, understanding my health.

Must have (must to be accurate too!!):
Heart-Rate monitor.
Sleep tracking.
Step counter.
Battery life of at least 7 days, GPS battery life of at least 15 hours.
Trustworthy company (if they're storing my data).

Nice to have:
On-board music storage.
The ability to use a generic platform to upload data in case I change watch in a years time.

Won't need:
NFC as I won't use it for payments.
Advanced fitness metrics (like split-times, or animated instructors).

Please can you help me in my choice, especially those that have experience with different brands and know of their strengths/weaknesses.
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Save your money what's the point in forking out a small fortune on something that will be obsolete in a few months time just download an activity app there's plenty to choose from.
Have a look at Garmin & at Polar watches.
Is there any particular Garmin or Polar watch you would suggest?
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