Help me choose a new phone please!

    My old sony ericsson has finally died so need a new phone.
    I was thinking contract and was swaying towards Nokia N8 for £20 month but having seen the Giff gaff thread I wondering if I'd be better going for that and buying payg, If so what phone?
    My requirements are must have good internet and take good pictures.
    I'd love a iphone but unless some amazing deal appears think thats highly unlikely!
    Thanks in advance


    htc desire/HD

    Original Poster

    though the battery life was very poor?


    It's not the best, but there's a few things you can do to improve it.

    A workmate was trying to decide between a N8 and a SE X10 running Android so I let him have a play with my X10. He went for a N8 in the end he said to me the other day he wished he had bought the X10. Don't know why he's not keen on the Nokia OS but I can see why he wishes he was on Android.
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