help me choose an active subwoofer please?

    hi guys,

    on the verge of buying a new subwoofer, need an active one.

    VERY tempted by…BLK but problem is it doesn't have auto power on/off which means it's constantly consuming 70 watts if i'm not mistaken? quite a step up from my old sub that uses 0.5watts in standby, and i don't want to waste power!

    any alternative suggestions? budget is £100 or so. looking for something with low frequency response (30-35 hertz low end at most).

    i saw the sharp offer here:…ha/

    for same price but i see no reviews on it.

    there's also the Kenwood SW-40HT.

    any recommendations


    You are best looking at the subwoofers from…htm best bang for bucks.
    The ones you were looking at are for satellite speakers and are not classed as real subwoofers. You got to spend a bit more to get a real sub.

    Look at the XLS200-DF MK2 or the bk monolith which is what I have, well worth the money. Do a search, has very good reviews.
    The smaller model genini is good and is £195.70, a bit more in your price range.

    It won't consume its maximum power when not being powered, but it will consume. Think of it that the maximum power is used to constantly charge and discharge the speaker coil, that is not being done when it is not being used, even if on. This is why items with speakers last longer when on lower volumes.
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