help me choose between nokia n96, n85 or n86

    looking to buy either nokia n96, n85 or n86

    but unsure which to get

    the main thing im looking for-

    1- fastest- no buggy software etc
    2- high quality cam
    3- longest battery life
    4- big internal memory

    would be grateful for any feedback



    1: Depends on network. Some add their own branding software that can make any phone run slow.

    2: N86, 8 meg with a Carl Zeiss lens and dual led flash.

    3: Depends on what you're doing, how long you talk and what other programmes the phone running.

    4: The N86 has 8 gig built in, but all the models you list take micro sd card so can go to 16 gig.

    Hope that helps. . .

    Even though it has great cam and massive memory and really good speakers!!

    I got one on contract from vodafone and it went back 3 times for faults then I flashed the firmware to V30 and still it was slow. Then on my 4 fault I sold it to Envirofone for £160 and buying out my contract (£325 quid Ouch!)

    Got a iphone now and not happy with the volume of the speaker when it rings but apart from that its amazing,

    My mates got a N97 and he loves that but I have not had a go with it yet so cant comment,


    I'm sick of breaking phones on site so have ordered a JCB phone, its pretty basic and featureless but should be bombproof, sorry about being off subject!!

    N86 :thumbsup:
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