help me choose xbmc box

    So i was thinking of buying just the apple tv, but then i remembered about xbmc android box, can you give me some ideas also i want it fully set up


    get a fire tv box and sideload it with tvmc
    ..its xbmc with all the add ons and it is so so good geniunley i think its the best xbmc install ive ever ran

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    fire tv is way to expensive

    What's your rough budget?

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    main thing i want is for it to be fully set up

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    thanks, will wait till tomorrow morning and will buy it if nothing better is offered…791 this is preloaded with xbmc and is a quad core box. The remotes not great but can use a wireless keyboard and mouse. I like it and reviews are good overall.

    these are the people I would go with their after sales are second to none

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    So many to choose you need to recommend

    Another option is to re-purpose an old PC if you have one laying around, running Openelec.
    Fit a cheapy nVidia 210 graphics card and a decent remote/reciever and you're set. An old P4 with 512mb ram would be plenty, the only requirement is a PCI-E slot for the graphics card and a free USB port for the remote reciever.

    If buying new items, the graphics card and remote can be had for about £35, you can hide the PC itself down the back of the TV.

    I run a similar setup myself, old Core 2 Duo, 1GB ram and a tiny 8GB SSD (media is on a NAS box) and it absolutely flies through the menu's and playback is flawless even on high bit-rate files like the 'killa sample'

    do these boxes really output at 1080p Im interested in one but would need an amazing picture.
    I take it the box gives free movies and sport etc?
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