Help me decide on a games console?

Having recently joined the mobile phone world and finding that this modern technology stuff is better than I thought, I think I'm about to join the games console world too.

My previous gaming experience is as follows...

The 80's - I used to play Jet Set Willy on a ZX Spectrum 48 (I think) and Space Invaders & Pacman on an Atari.

The 90's - I played a bit of Zelda (Ocarina Of Time) on a Nintendo 64 for a few weeks

The 00's - I've played Ridge Racer Type 4 on a PS1 (I think) and Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Prey on my PC.

That really is about it. I know I'm interested in racing and fps (I heard some say that) games. I've got a Sony KDL 32D3000 TV and a good audio set up, so, I'm ready to play.

Where does a 34 year old newbieguy begin? And why?


depends on ur budget, but i would say go for an xbox 360 if u can

PS3 has a great future thats for sure.

I would say xbox as they cost less and theres alot more games out for it.

Get a PS3 next year

nah get a ps3. if you get a xbox your gonna end up selling it for a ps3 anyway like everyone else.

I have a 360, Wii & PS3 (I'm greedy :giggle: )

Wii is more for a family to gather round and play party games so that rules that out.

Personally i prefer my 360 over the PS3 at the minute as there are a lack of quality titles out for the PS3 at the minute and it's still establishing itself but i'm sure it will eventually be the market leader. Also the PS3's Blueray is winning the next gen war over HD-DVD so it's more future proof in that way.

So it mainly depends on whether you want something for now or something that will be more future proof.

Xbox 360 i'd say. It has some decent racing games, and 'old skool' games can be downloaded off the arcade

Get the 360 - cheaper games, cheaper console than the PS3 and better online. If that doesn't satisfy buy a PS3 in a year or so once the price has fallen and some more games have appeared....

Hmm thats a tricky one, I'd probably say xbox 360 as there are some good games out and some better ones coming soon.......

I really like F1 though (which is a Sony exclusive) and the gran turismo series (another sony exclusive).

depends if you wouldnt mind getting a 360 then getting a ps3 but if you want something to keep then ps3 without a doubt. 360 has good games atm though.

dont waste ur time on a ps3 get urself an xbox 360..good catalogue of games which can be picked up cheap, online gaming with the 360 is brilliant and easy to set up, only downside is the problem with reliability but they do give u a 3 year warranty.

Wii has some quality games (Zelda TP, COD3, Boogie, Wii Sports, Sonic, Resident Evil 4, to name a few) and if you look at the upcoming games for release, you'll undoubtedly be impressed.

Just look at Metroid Prime 3 and that says it all.

If you got the cash a PS3 cos thats what we eventaully want when price goes down some,like another £100 or so.

As Sy said, it depends what you're looking for e.g Nintendo Wii is the best for gatherings or a drunken game or two but by the sound of it, you won't be playing it too much.

I highly recommend the Xbox 360 over the other consoles though, as there's some excellent bundles going around at the moment and will improve further in the coming months or you could buy the pro console for £230 from (includes the harddrive and headset) or you could buy the core version for £175 and then buy the harddrive when you're ready for £45 from Woolies, rather than £330 for a PS3 at Shopto but it does include a Blue-Ray player but that isn't important to me personally just yet.

The great thing about Xbox 360 is it includes everything you really need and is jam packed with FPS, which you said you enjoy, it also has better online, which is great but since you don't play games that much, you probably won't try it out but I do advise trying out the free months trial to see how much it improves games and adds extra life to everything.

There's also a huge catalogue of games because the console has been around for nearly 2 years and the games are usually cheaper.

The PS3 is the most powerful console on the market but the games tend to be that little bit more expensive, despite having an identical game when it's multiformat unless it's been released a few months later, which seems to be the trend at the moment.
There's very few exclusives worth buying at the moment but it's not been around for too long, so the games will improve later on but unless you're buying it because of the Blue-Ray player or you're looking to play games with a little better graphics at a higher cost in all avenues but with free online gaming, which isn't as good as the xbox 360's version, then this will be the choice for you.

Hope that helps, let me know if you need any further advice.

I'd usually recommend the 360.

But I wouldn't rule out the Wii. I find the Wii, with it's games is by the far the easiest to just pick up and play. You don't seem to be the most serious of gamers, so I thought this would be ideal.

Plus you mentioned that you've played Zelda on the N64. If you enjoyed the Zelda series then you can play the majority of them on the Wii. The newest title in the series 'Twilight Princess' is one of the best Wii titles at the moment. You can play the older titles by downloading them via Virtual Console, or by backwards compatibility with the Gamecube.

Keep an eye on Metroid Prime 3, that's looking to be a great FPS for the Wii. Resident Evil 4 is also an immense game. Umbrella Chronicles shaping up to be equally as good. Plus the Wii really comes into its own once you have a few people round.

But you say you like driving and FPS games. Which just makes me think 360.
Some driving titles include; Forza 2, Colin McRae DiRT, PGR3 and others including the NFS series and Burnout.
FPS titles include; Rainbow 6 Vegas, Bioshock, FEAR, Gears of War (?).

Whichever you choose you definitely won't have a shortage of games to play.

I'd mention the PS3, but you said you wanted a games console.

360 - purely for the online Arcade - everything else is a bonus! - Classic games get a new lease of life and can be downloaded and played online. You can play a demo of every new game before deciding whether you want to go and buy it.

Well, if your new to the gaming world, and If you dont want something that will consume your life, try the PSP... but, if your diving headfirst into the big gaming world, definatly Xbox 360... no doubt about it... PS3's are a waste of money... if you get a PS3 your basically wasting the extra £150 on useless rubbish... plus, think of the exclusive games for Xbox 360 compared to PS3... Gears of War, Halo 3, just to mention two...

Get the xbox 360.

Xbox 360 for sure.Loads of great games available cheap for it now and consoles are not expensive and warranties have been extended.Xbox live is a blast.You do get some proper tools on it but you can easily find games where all people on it are doing are having some harmless fun.I'm 37 and pretty rubbish at most games and I love it.:thumbsup:

Original Poster

[SIZE="2"]Ok, thanks to all who replied - rep is on it's way.

As to the decision, well, I did try my nephew's Wii last night and it was ok, but just ok. I'm leaning towards an xbox of some kind. However, Syzable may well have hit it on the head with having the ps3 & xbox: although, this decision does not go down well with my bank manager - I am a student after all!

Thanks again,


I don't see how any games console is future proof. If you want to be future proof grab yourself a PC and a whole lot of money.

It is solely the PS3 as to why Blu Ray is selling more than HD DVD. As I think there would be significantly less people with a Blu Ray player in their homes, if it wasn't forced upon the buyer.

Blu Ray isn't even future proof. There are already discs that have been developed to hold way more data than even a Blu Ray disc.

Then there are the whole HD DVD exclusive film company stuff.

Bla bla bla.

Now I'll just wait for someone to say all of this is completely wrong. I can't think, I'm soberly challenged.

I would say take a trip to Toys 'r' us, game, HMV, friends house etc and try them both out, also look at the games out at the moment and try to identify ones yoiu'd buy if you were to get that console

I haven't had much experience with the PS3 but i did get a hands on at a show a few months ago and i was impressed with the wealth of media functions it has. Also i played the rally type game. The game was ok, not great, the motion sensitive controlling is good (something the 360 is lacking), but it was underdeveloped for that game and too hard to control IMO.

I have the 360 myself and am very happy with it, online it is fantastic and whilst i was peeved at paying £40 a year for it at first its extended the life of my games ten fold. There are some really good games out there and you can get some good bundle deals.

Hard to say which (if at all) one is going to be a clear winner, i'm not going to put money on either. I bought the 360 before the PS3 was released, if buying it now i wold do the same again, but if it was another year down the line... i'm not sure TBH. Sony haven't gotten into their stride yet and the 360 is well into it.

Try them both, and don't listen to fan boys :thumbsup:

The PS3 is the 'geeks' console, it's orientated toward an older (20's-40's) and more knowledgable user-base. It doesn't have that many games at the moment which are really worth the money so unless you're tech savvy I would say not right now.

The 360 is great but online functions are at its centre and unless you only want to play old games on the Live Arcade, most of the games out for it involve storming embassies and hurting people in some way or another.

The Wii is totally the opposite of both, its simple, its basic and it's a laugh, it's online functionality is beyond cack but it has some amazing games out for it and the price is right, if you're looking for a fun system with no complications then I would say go for that one, otherwise probably the 360.

Look at all the fun us HUKD members are having on COD 4 on the 360

That is true, I was on that thing for 3 and a half hours last night.
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