Help me decide which phone is suitable & a good deal

    My new simplicity contract is up with o2 and I am not sure what to do, go for another simplicity deal with o2 or get a contract phone on o2. I want to stay with o2 as friends family get free o2 to o2 calls and I need free internet. I want a really internet friendly phone as I want to do lots of work related stuff with it, e.g. send emails, open PDF documents. I don't use facebook/twitter so this isn't entirely necessary as an app as it tends to be more work related internet. A half decent camera is a must as I have to take photos and upload them as attachments (so whichever phone I go for must have the ability to do this). Need to use worldwide (a must). So, any advice guys on phones/contracts.

    I am guessing it would be blackberry, HTC (don't know much about them) or I-phone. Any suggestions welcome.



    I just went with 02 simplicity with £100 quidco cash back.
    The facts are simple
    Contract with 02 and phone included are £30-40.00 a month
    About £20-25.00 a month is the phone cost thats £240-300 for a phone.
    Wait a week or 2 and buy a new i phone 3cheap and new as i phone 4 will be out.

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    OK, I am struggling here. If I want to make sure I can view and download attachments, does it have to be a HTC or Blackberry?


    Honestly if it is mostly work emails etc blackberrys are still the best which is why they dominate the business related market.

    I have a HTC Desire and you can sync ms exchange and have the same functionality as a bb but I tend to use the web a lot and watch movies and music on my phone. As an all rounder it is better than a blackberry by a long way.
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