Help me downsize my PC System

    I have a full sized pc tower, and need the space it is taking up, along with the desk and everything.

    Any suggestions on a smaller case which will take an ATX mobo.
    want to keep.

    Current system comprises:
    2GB DDR2 ram
    Intel core 2 dup E6600 cpu
    AGP NVIDIA graphics card - 256 MB and VIVO - needed as use for capturing video cam video's
    DVD writer
    2 SATA Drives
    2 IDE Drives
    a few pci cards - inc pci wifi and firewire card
    Motherboard is an ASROCK DUAL 775 VSTA - onboard 7.1 audio
    PSU is a good 600 watt jobbie as before it was too low and couldn't handle all the drives etc

    Basically I want to rebuild all these into a smaller system, and be able to edit and capture video via the AGP and firewire.

    Any suggestions ?

    I don't really want a laptop as all this hardware - which is still fairly capable will go to waste.

    Oh , I am running win Xp SP3, But will be upgrading to Win 7 soon [i hope]

    Want to spend money on a case and reuse as much of the stuff as poss

    Would like maybe a shuttle style system, to put next to TV in bedroom, and use on that. So HDMI or VGA port needed.
    I know I will prob need to get a PCI graphics card but which one?

    Thanks for any suggestions.



    I just stuck my tower PC behind my TV in living room can barely see it will subscribe though as may want to downsize too.

    Original Poster

    any input here guys? [and girls]

    I think you'll struggle to get a small form case for a ATX motherboard as they are large in the first place, you can get smaller cases that take mATX boards if you want to replace that.

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    ive had some people recommend a lian pc a05nb case.
    looks pretty good too. and it will take a full sized atx as well.
    might go down that road

    Original Poster

    i got the coolermaster elite 360 - its been a job getting it all in tho.
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