Help me find a good laptop please

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Found 18th Feb 2007
Hi all, hope you are all well? :thumbsup:

I was wondering if anyone can help find me a good spec laptop under £600.

It is mainly for surfing the web, downloading music and keeping work stuff on it.

I would like it to have the following at least and any other recommended items you think it needs.

It would have to be able to take a few knocks and bumps, be of good build quality, a large screen ( 17" ), 60gb hard drive ( minimum ), 1gig of memory, good battery life, would also like it to be compatable with wireless accessories.

If anyone can help with this I would be very grateful. :-D

TIA to all. ;-)

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Have a clook at laptopsdirect.co.uk. They have some good prices and I would recommend the Toshiba A120 range as they are solid and come with a really good warranty. Actually I think PCworld(yuk) have a good deal on an A100 or A120 at the moment. I think it is a !%.4" display however they are widescreen and a nice size to work with.

Importantly and my reason for recommending the Toshiba A120 is that certain models come with a 'replace and refund' policy if bought in the next 1 1/2 months. Check out the Toshiba website.

Hope this helps! Sorry in a rush. Have to get to work!!

Tesco and laptops direct all have 17" Acer for £500ish.

Thing is you mention battery life, which frankly most are not good for and which you require intel centrino really.

So asking for good battery life, 17" and for it to be durable for £600 is asking near the impossibly I think.

A Dell outlet/refurb Inspiron 9400 possibly, with CoreDuo or Core2Duo with a 9 cell battery (which could give you 6hours+ like my XPS does) might do it.

If you can sacrifice battery life (2-3hours being the normal) the Acer offerings are out there at that price.

The Toshiba 120 range is the one designed to take knocks...as for battery life you will only get 2 to 3 hours with most...Dell have the upgrade battery pack option for £23 that does give a significant increase in battery life.

17 inch screens within your budget are going to suffer with lower specs so I would follow schizoboy's advice and have a look on the Dell outlet as your first port of call.

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Thanks to all so far for thier comments.:thumbsup:

If I added in another £100 & make it £700 would that make any difference in getting a better model closer to what I would like?

Any new comments & suggestions will be very welcome ( only on a laptop please, :giggle: )

TIA to all again.


decent spec and 3.5% quidco...free delivery with the 5-8 day option

Also check on the HP website as they are giving 10% + free delivery (see voucher section) and 4% quidco.

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Thanks again to all who replied :thumbsup:

Can anyone else give me a few more to choose from?

Budget max £700

Would still prefer a 17" screen but might consider a 15" screen if it is of great spec


You may as well wait and see what the new deals are from Dell on Thursday..they'll be on HUKD.

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Cool, :thumbsup:

Cheers, thanks again:-D

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Hi all, :-D

It's me the pest again! :roll:

Is there any cracking deals on Dell today that would match my budget etc for good laptop as previously posted?

Don't know that much about computers & cost. :oops:

Any help on this would be verry verry welcome :thumbsup:

TIA :thumbsup:

I would go for the 6400 posted really.
160gb, stick a 9cell on that, sorted :thumbsup:
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