Help me find a new TV/PC monitor! :)

    Hi there,

    I wondered if anyone could help me find a good deal on a TV/Monitor at around 24". Only thing is, I have a lot of specific requests - I'll be using it for PC quite close so it needs to be full HD and support 1920x1080 resolution. I use DVI for my PC connection (although maybe if there were enough HDMI ports I could convert that?) and I need a component connection for my Xbox 360, along with HDMI for my PS3. On top of all that I want a headphone port, freeview (just SD) and overall a decent quality screen for a good price This is probably the closest thing I've found so far, don't know what you think:…top

    This is the kinda budget I'm looking at ideally. If anyone could help me find any alternatives I would be very grateful!


    erm u dont need 1080p lol

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    erm u dont need 1080p lol

    I wouldn't at that size if I was only using the HD capability at 720p. As it stands, I won't be sitting far away from the monitor and will be using it for PC gaming, and having a maximum resolution of say, 1368 x 768, would be pretty naff.
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