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    Hey, i was going buy this latop a few months ago from HP someone posted it as a deal on this webiste it got quite not. I want to find out wht model it is but i cant find where it is, my history of posts only goes back 18 pages.

    It is a hp latop arounf the £300 -£350 mark and the post got really hot. It was a deal from the HP site and i posted in the thread.

    Can anyone find the thread please, it was around November time =]




    wasnt this one was it?



    this is what I use to find threads. Very … this is what I use to find threads. Very good.

    Sorry to jump in :oops: but thanks for posting that, will have a look-i ALWAYS seem to struggle with the search function on here! ;-)
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    Can only think it must be this one.

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    Thats the one!!!! thanks you! I have been looking for it for over an hour!

    Can i ask how did u find it please?

    I have left rep for everyeone

    thanks guys

    Just searched for hp store and its halfway down the page.

    i have noo idea
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