Help Me Find a sewing machine!

Found 24th Oct 2008
need some help finding a sewing machine for the other half and i dont know what to look for. got a budget of about £50-£60 so wanting to get the best i can for the money.

any help would be appreciated
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Hey there, it's really tricky finding anything worth having around that price in the sewing machine market thesedays, unless you're willing to consider a 2nd hand reconditioned unit I'm afraid. I know this from recent experience! I did a lot of legwork/research & could only find 'mini' machines for around fifty quid. If the OH would be happy with one of these then there are quite a few to choose from, all pretty similar for what they offer.

I opted for a Toyota 21DES for £99 from coopersewing.co.uk/hom…asp I know this is a LOT more than you are willing to pay, but it's worth having a look on their site as they do have cheaper stuff! They are pretty darn competitive & were really helpful when I gave them a call.

I'm a novice & this is my first sewing machine purchase. I was looking for a good all rounder for under £100, told them roughly what I wanted to be able to do & they came up with a couple of suggestions.

Good luck! Hope this helped......
thanks for the help, repped the both of you
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