Help Me Find a Toy Supermarket / Shop

    My daughter is shop mad and i have been looking to buy her one for christmas but the only ones i can find are in Argos and wilkinsons and are very flimsy

    Can anyone recommend a decent sturdy one!


    I think they have toy shops at Early Learning Centre. Their toys are very sturdy.

    Just had a quick look, the Happy Land toys there have a Toy Shop in the range at £12. 80. No other shops apart from a Post Office…ll/

    there is a market stall but quite expensive

    jeany123;6801622 is a market stall but quite … is a market stall but quite

    My grand children go into ELC to play with the market stall and its almost impossible to pull them away from it:roll: They're 2 1/2 and 16months.

    Can you not find a local 'fixy-man' and pay him to make one out of wood?

    the plastic ones are rubbish
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