Help me find a vacuum cleaner. Please?

    I am looking for a bagless vacuum cleaner for under £30. I looked on Ebay and there are a lot of 'Graded' ones but I'm a bit wary. Any help would be appreciated



    £39.99 is the closest I've found so far, but bear with me, I'll try to do better…8-3


    If you are quick this upright is currently down to £36…ies

    I've bought graded ones from e-bay. Always been great! I have one as do both my daughters - all looked new.

    I bought a graded kettle from ebay. Absolute bargain! I know, not quite the same as a hoover, but still thought I'd say as you would never have known and it's great.
    Especially if only £30, it might be worth a go. Graded items aren't always dodgy, if you check the feeback of people who regularly sell graded items, make sure it's all good and you should be ok.
    Plus, 40% of the seller fees back from topcashback.

    i saw one at Asda on Wednesday

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    Hmm...not sure whether to go for a graded one now.
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