Help me find a Zara coat ?

    Short Sob Story First
    I went away for the Weekend. I left my coat behind in room. No problem I can drive back to get it the weekend after. I called my friend I was sharing with they gave my coat to someone who lives in london. That person was bringing my coat back to London where I Live. That person left my coat on the coach. I now have now coat. And that makes me sad

    Ok so that's the story, very frustrating... since the bus companies, depots are useless and can't seem to help me locate my coat.

    I've decided to hunt out a new one, the coat was a winter coat from Zara Beige, wool and has a ruffled neck the cuffs on sleeves are also ruffled like the neck (trying to find a photo).

    The coat will be in the Sale now I've tried calling stores around London but wondered if anyone had been in and seen one that fits my description? Then I can race in my car to grab it.

    Thanks in Advance



    not long before weather turns pleasent. cant u make do with a jumper or extra layers till a month or so?

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    It's more a case of me being really fond of that coat in particular, I have things to keep me warm I'm just so frustrated it was that particular coat that had to go on its own little coach trip.

    I figured some people might be popping into Zara and if they saw one, could let me know where they still have stock

    Moved to correct forum.

    good luck but i think more chance ull get it back from bus depot
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