Help me find an MP3 player

    I'm looking for an MP3/4 player, preferably 4GB, in the region of £50.
    I've seen the Zen V for £60 but wondered if anyone had any recommendations?

    It must have a menu system like the Ipod and Zen where you can select song by artist, album etc.

    Your help would really be appreciated.


    don't get a zen v. They're incredible for like 4 months and then break. Get the nano, my sis got hers the same day as i got my zen and hers is still good as new.

    Really dissappointed in the zen, and seeing as i bought it in the US i can't see how i can get a refund/ replacement :-(

    Original Poster

    I'm a big fan of Zen's myself, got a microphoto.

    This is for a christmas present so trying to find the right one but really like the looks of this zen…294

    Anybody got any comments about it and where the cheapest place might be to get it?


    Here is a comprehensive review of the new Zen ]http//ww…php

    And it looks like Amazon have the best price already!
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